Do looks matter? The Importance of looking good

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February 22, 2016
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Do looks matter? The Importance of looking good


We live in very interesting times… With the rise of traditional and later social media, beauty standards were set in order to make us feel bad and sell more stuff. Many people started falling into body image issues and feeling ashamed of how they look. However, looking at the latest most successful people we would come to conclusion that intelligence and hard work are a lot more important than appearance and it’s clear that you can be successful without looking super good. Do looks really matter or we should just put up with the way we look and do nothing about it?


We meet tons of people these days, so first impressions are very important. Whether it is job interview, date night or business meeting, looking neat and presentable plays a role in future relationships and communication. It’s no secret that attractiveness is an extra benefit and good looking people tend to be more successful. Very often we would choose more attractive person over the other one if they both have equaly good skills or even if the good looking one is a bit worse. In a recent study, researchers found that people tend to rate attractive people as being more intelligent, and this can impact on how they judge their suitability for tasks, for example.


We are born the way we are and we have to play with cards we got. There’s no point in overthinking about your looks, especially if there’s no way to change it. But you wouldn’t believe how good you can actually look. Just focus on the things you can improve: get fit, get a nice haircut, create your own style of clothing that fits you or invest into teeth straightening or whitening if that bothers you and choose the right style of facial hair if you’re man. Even the fresh haircut alone can make you look 10 times better. No matter how sad it sounds – money can buy you looks… But there are always cheaper alternatives.

Looking good gives you confidence. And confidence is respected and attractive feature. You feel better in your own skin and don’t feel ashamed of how you look every second. You can achieve that without looking like Brad Pitt. Don’t be blinded by latest beauty standards – being unique became almost as important as looking good these days.


Looks matter but loving yourself is the number one rule and people can feel that from far away. If you don’t love yourself, don’t expect others to love you. Embrace the way you look, improve what you are capable of and look as good as YOU can.


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Paul Alionis
Paul Alionis
At 19 years old I founded my first company, became vegan and completely gave up drinking. After a year of studying I couldn’t see myself working in that profession and decided to drop out and focus on building business. After a year of business developing, my company called GentleHair grew from Lithuania based first men’s hairstyling e-shop into international Europe leading e-shop. We started distributing hairstyling products to salons, barbershops and other e-shops worldwide. We grew our fan base through Youtube and other social media. Our Youtube and Instagram fan count reached 15k each, which is pretty impressive for such a niche project. I became the world’s leading “Cut your own hair” guru and started developing “Cut your own hair professionally at home | For men” online course. From 2015, I started other fashion business, worked as a business and marketing consultant in other businesses and as web-development, graphic and web design freelancer.

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