Is there a purpose?

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January 22, 2016
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Is there a purpose?


Purpose was always a very phylosophical and religious topic. Most of the religions tells us that we have our destiny and there’s nothing we can do about it, there’s no way to change it. But years were passing and scientists more often came to conclusion that there’s no higher purpose into our being on Earth – We are just a part of natural accidents, just like the whole Universe is.

I understand that it’s difficult and sometimes even painful to accept that but we probably have no mission we were born with and we are a very small part(only ~1 / 7 000 000 000) of humanity as individuals. Actually our Home – Earth – is unbelievably tiny dot in the Universe and still it’s more than enough for us to see and explore in our lifetime. So it’s very unlikely that there’s a guy(why not gal???) who runs everything and sets our destinies and missions. If there is then I’d say he’s not doing his job very well considering the situation on Earth at the time. It actually looks like he doesn’t give a f***…


But yes, we are humans, we don’t know everything and we often be mistaken. So there’s nothing wrong in being religious or not and for some people it is actually the best way to build their base of values. And we can’t know if there’s Creator yet. It’s more likely and logical that it’s a powerful supercomputer(just a thought… no references to The Matrix) than the man with a beard sitting on a cloud…

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it’s more useful for you to think that you control your life, make a change and create your own purpose of life. There are so many problems in the world today. Our Earth, flora, fauna and people are suffering. And yet we can only say that it is meant to be? BULLSHIT. The more people will start solving real time problems(enviromental, deficiencies, animal care, inequalities and so on), the better place to live our planet Earth will be. If you don’t care about others, just think about your children, grandchildren or at least yourself. Having purpose in life raises your quality of life and happiness levels a lot. You can connect with more like minded people and it can improve your social life. It’s often being said that one man can’t make a big change but first – it doesn’t necessarily have to be big, and second – you can inspire others and unite, and now it’s another talk.


In conclusion, it’s your choice to believe whatever you believe but remember one thing – it’s always more beneficial to think that you control your own life and your actions rather than it is ruled by someone else. Go and create your purpose. You won’t be disappointed.

Paul Alionis
Paul Alionis
At 19 years old I founded my first company, became vegan and completely gave up drinking. After a year of studying I couldn’t see myself working in that profession and decided to drop out and focus on building business. After a year of business developing, my company called GentleHair grew from Lithuania based first men’s hairstyling e-shop into international Europe leading e-shop. We started distributing hairstyling products to salons, barbershops and other e-shops worldwide. We grew our fan base through Youtube and other social media. Our Youtube and Instagram fan count reached 15k each, which is pretty impressive for such a niche project. I became the world’s leading “Cut your own hair” guru and started developing “Cut your own hair professionally at home | For men” online course. From 2015, I started other fashion business, worked as a business and marketing consultant in other businesses and as web-development, graphic and web design freelancer.

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