Understanding money: stop chasing, start creating

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January 17, 2016
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February 22, 2016
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Understanding money: stop chasing, start creating


Money became the most important unit of measurement in human society: unit of success, unit of happiness, unit of possibilities… Most of the people get up from their beds just because they need to make money; they trade their time and freedom for money; their biggest fear and trouble is money. We are thinking about money all the time – at least once every 20 minutes or so.

But we often forget the real core purpose of money. It is not something that came naturally and the whole monetary system was made by us – humans. Money was invented to make our daily exchanges easier. It was and still is tradable into something that has value. So it’s simple – the more value you have to offer – the more monetary units you will be able to receive.


Yet most of the people are doing a completely opposite. Instead of improving theirselves and starting to offer more value for exchange, they are looking for ways to make more money. They are chasing the money, instead of creating value. That’s why most of them fail. Because they don’t understand our monetary system and its purpose. Start serving people, help them to solve their problems or satisfy their needs. Create as much value as you can and offer it to those, who need it. It either can be single human being or groups of people. You can help them at particular area or even help them create more value for others. It’s your choice. But the more value you will be able to create for them, the more they will pay you in exchange for your services or products that are offering that value.


So, stop chasing the money! Look at yourself and find areas that can be improved. Always look for ways to grow and always try to be helpful. Digits in your bank account are usually parallel to your abilities and competence which are how you offer your value to others. Make other people’s lives better in any way and they will make yours.

Paul Alionis
Paul Alionis
At 19 years old I founded my first company, became vegan and completely gave up drinking. After a year of studying I couldn’t see myself working in that profession and decided to drop out and focus on building business. After a year of business developing, my company called GentleHair grew from Lithuania based first men’s hairstyling e-shop into international Europe leading e-shop. We started distributing hairstyling products to salons, barbershops and other e-shops worldwide. We grew our fan base through Youtube and other social media. Our Youtube and Instagram fan count reached 15k each, which is pretty impressive for such a niche project. I became the world’s leading “Cut your own hair” guru and started developing “Cut your own hair professionally at home | For men” online course. From 2015, I started other fashion business, worked as a business and marketing consultant in other businesses and as web-development, graphic and web design freelancer.


  1. Thank you for this blog post and the message it brings. It resonates with me that if more people do pursue the things they are want and face the challenges with open heart, the wealth aspect just flows naturally. Innately we are all beings that would want to help others develop and grow, together.

    I’ll be reading more of your blog posts!

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